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Doctors and Dentists [Sep. 7th, 2007|08:08 am]
City Of Discovery


Picking brains again, sorry!

Where my flat is there seem to be hundreds of GP surgeries. I was thinking of just registering with the one closest, but wanted to check that there aren't any with awful reputations before I do. I'm in for regular medications, so want a nice doctor.

Also, anyone recommend a good dentist? I fear dentists, but have high maintainence teeth. NHS for preference, but since I haven't seen any pigs flying past the window recently I'll settle for private. Bonus for being round Stobswell so I don't have to go far.


(I move in tomorrow, hurray!)

[User Picture]From: satankat666
2007-09-07 07:51 am (UTC)
In the surgeries I've been to I've always found there was at least one doctor I didn't like, but then I tend to think doctors have selective hearing and reading with all the problems I've been having.
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[User Picture]From: alitheapipkin
2007-09-07 10:02 am (UTC)
I go to the Arthurstone Terrace practice, which is probably fairly local for you. The doctors seem nice enough but they have this mad system where you can only get an appointment on the day you want to go, so you have to phone first thing as soon as the phone lines open. Mind you, if you have regular medicines, you might actually be able to book your appointments in advance...

I managed to get into an NHS dentist out at Lochee, it's a bus ride but on a main route so not a problem. You might want to check a few places before you resort to private.
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[User Picture]From: ethelfleda
2007-09-07 11:07 am (UTC)
Ah, asking about how they arrange their appointments might be a way to decide on a doctor. I don't think I like the harassment of trying to get an appointment on the day :)
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[User Picture]From: alitheapipkin
2007-09-07 12:41 pm (UTC)
It's definately worth asking, I was allowed to book an appointment in advance when I was told that i needed to come back for a follow up in a few weeks, so you may be okay as far as regular medication checks go.
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